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Getting a new smile with 3 on 6 implants in Mexico

What are 3 on 6 implants? The 3-on-6 Implant system means you will receive 3 Zirconia bridges supported by 6 implants. Each bridge is supported by 2 implants on each side.  

This is an amazingly effective method for full-mouth reconstruction that is low maintenance and an alternative to the conventional All-on-4 or all-on-6 Implant Supported Dentures (all teeth on one large denture restoration supported by 4 or 6 implants).  

Unlike the All on 6 denture that needs removed once every 1-2 years, the 3 on 6 Implant system can be cleaned with dental floss, water-pic and conventional hygiene cleanings. 

This implant fixed dentures are the best option for people who doesn't have bone deterioration and want to keep their natural gums.


3 on 6 Implants Cost in Mexico 

So what is the cost of 3 on 6 in Mexico? 3 on 6 dentures costs goes on average from $10,800 USD per arch and consist on 2 phases of $5,400 USD with a 4 - 6 months of healing between them.

The cost of 3 on 6 smile restoration includes: 6 Implants + abutments, 3 bridges  (1 front bridge of 6 units and 2 side bridges of 3 units each) made of Porcelain or Zirconia, Implant placement and all the Pre-Surgery Studies (Surgical Guide 3D, CBCT, Panoramic XRay, Impressions) And Surgical Materials are included on the fee.


Surgical Phase costs from:

$5,400 USD

Includes: 6 implants $900 each + 

Free abutments + Implant placement

Restorative Phase costs from: 

$5,400 USD


Finish of 3 bridges 

(With a cost of $450 USD per Unit ) 

 Materials: Zirconia or Porcelain

Are 3-on-6 dentures right for me?

The 3 on 6 implant system and bridges are for that patient that is or will be missing all of their teeth and is seeking for an affordable alternative to all on 4 dentures.

Or the patient that is currently wearing dentures that are uncomfortable, irritating and causes loss of taste due to covering the palate.

This system is for patients that do not have deterioration of bone, decrease bone density or reduction of height/width of bone where the implants will be placed.

Having the 3 on 6 implants and bridges can change your life with the ability to smile and eat normal again.  

The 3 on 6 implants utilize your natural gingiva for aesthetics. You'll pay less than an all-on-6 and preserve your natural gum and jawbone thanks to the implants.

In our practice at Cancun Dental Design, we've done these 3 on 6 implants on patients from a wide range of ages but mostly middle aged adults who haven't lost bone density. 

If not, the All on 4 implant supported fixed denture is an excellent option if you have problems with your bone. 

3 on 6 before after mexico

The difference between 3-on-6 and All-on-4

The main differences between all-on-4 vs 3-on-6 dentures are:

Bridges vs Arch: 

Our on-site laboratory will fabricate 3 separate Zirconia bridges. Each bridge will be supported and secured permanently by 2 implants on each side vs a large 12-unit Zirconia restoration that is supported by 4 or 6 implants.  

Bone Density: 

The decision on which option is best for you will be made after the 3D imaging CT scan, diagnostic records and examination are complete and depends on the bone density and the bone height/width. Both options are very aesthetic and strong and will recreate a stunning smile and ability to eat normal again.

Natural Gum:

3 on 6 teeth units sit gently over your natural gum, making the prophilaxys easy to the patient without seeking profesional help for maintenance.

3-on-6 dental implants vs all-on-4 dental implants - Cancun Dental Design

3-on-6 Dental Implants Reviews

Watch this review from one of our first patients that decided 3-on-6 over all-on-4 dental implants.

3-on-6 Dental Implants Quote

Dental Implant Procedure Timeline Cancun

3 on 6 Bridges Procedure

The 3 on 6 Implant System consists of 2 trips to Cancun. 

First Trip to Mexico:

First Day - The Preparation  

The 3 on 6 procedure starts with the teeth extraction in case you are not an edentulous patient.


3 on 6 Bone Grafting

The procces of bonegrafting is used to "fill up" the space left by the teeth roots when extracted or to accelerate the osseointegration process with bonegraft material.

Surgical Phase

Our Oral Surgeon will place 6 implants in the top and/or bottom arch. We will provide you with a removable temporary denture while the implants/bone heal for 4-6 months.


Thanks to our latest implant technology we can print a 3D surgical Guide that allow us to place the 3-on-6 dental implants precisely.  

Healing Time (4 to 6 months)

During this period the bonegraft material will help your jawbone heal faster and allow the implant osseointegrate at a celular level.

Second Trip to Mexico

Final Bridges Restorations

On your second dental trip to Cancun, our on-site laboratory will fabricate 3 separate Zirconia bridges. Each bridge will be supported and secured permanently by 2 implants on each side.

Alternatives to 3-on-6 Implants

Having full mouth dental implants in mexico is much cheaper than in the U.S., thats why Dental Tourism has found a niche among 60% of Americans that look for affordable dental implants or do not get full covered by their dental insurance. (Chat with us to see if your Dental Insurance accepts dental work from foreing countries) 

The decision on which option is best for you will be made after all pre-surgery studies, diagnostic records and examination are completed and depends on the bone density and the bone height/width.

Full mouth dental implants costs in Mexico
TreamentsMexico CostU.S. Cost Savings
Snap-on Dentures$3,000$6,00050%
Full Mouth Reconstruction$10,000$35,00080%
Single Dental Implants$1,600$4,00064%