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Holistic Denstistry Mexico

Affordable Holistic Dentist

Dentistry is always evolving we often talk about Dental Technology but no so often about the way of how dental care is changing and even less about the way of treating dental issues.

So what is Holistic Dentistry? Holistic Dentistry main philosophy is that oral health is heavily connected to the patients overall health. This branch of restorative dentistry focuses on the use of biocompatible materials like composite resins, porcelain or zirconia instead of using fused metals or metals as dental restorations. 

Being an Hollistic Dental Clinic in Mexico has been one of our main distinctions among dental turism.

As a Metal Free clinic we have been practicing different holistic dental treatments such as: Mercury Free Amalgam Removals and adopting the use of Zirconia for treatments like Dental Implants, All on 4, Crowns.

Holistic Dentistry in Mexico

Dental technologies are getting better and as Dentist we have the choice to keep up to date with them or keep on doing things like they were done 60 years ago.

For example “silver fillings” they were the most used dental practice this was because there wasn’t another material with qualities like quick hardening and the strenght of a metal. Now days a resin can easily harden faster and have a better resistance to constat teeth impact plus it will give you a natural look.

But the main benefit is that you are not using metals like mercury, silver, copper inside your mouth.

Same with Titanium Dental Implants vs Zirconia Implants The price difference between Mexico vs USA on dental treatments allows patients not only to have the same (or in some cases better dental work) as they could back in home.

It allows them to upgrade on the restoration material quality for example instead of having an Acrylic Denture after an all on 4 treatment. In Mexico you can have a Full Zirconia Prettau arch and the overall cost will still be less than in the US.

Common Holistic Dental Treaments

Every treatment that needs a restoration can be solved through an holisitc material or the use of non toxic materials. The main Treatments are:

  • Mercury Free Amalgam Removal: The removal consist on using a oral vacum to reduce the exposure to mercury and other toxic gases.
  • Dental fillings: Instead of Silver Fillings the use of composite resins
  • Dental Implants: Titanium Dental implant vs Zirconia Dental Implants
  • Crowns / Inlays / Onlays: Instead of Gold or Metal Crowns the use of Porcelain and Zirconia

Why Hollistic Dentistry?

The electrical charges of heavy metals is a path of dentistry that hasn’t been studied extensively but it doesn’t means this doesnt exists, same as the toxicity of the gas liberated by the heat of mercury. All this minimal considerations in the view of hollistic dental care can have more bigger repercutions on your body and overallhealth since everything is connected and acts as a whole.