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Having a Bone Graft in Mexico 

We often talk about having a bone graft or graftless solutions on our dental implant treatments but what is exactly a bone graft and why should you have it?

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure to place new bone into missing spaces. Bone grafting is commonly used to prevent bone loss due to the absence of tooth roots. This procedure sometimes uses your own bone or a replacement that can be with an artificial, synthetic, or natural substitute.

So when is Bone grafting necessary?

Whenever a tooth root is missing on your jawbone it will start with bone lossing healthy qualities like density height and width. The most common times when you need to get a bone graft are:

After a tooth extraction

Before Placing Dental Implants

Sinus Lift Crestal Technique 

from: $1000 USD

Socket Graft post Extraction

from: $250 USD

Sinus Lift Lateral Window Technique 

from: $1500 USD

Block Graft 

from: $600 USD

Ridge Augmentation

from: $600 USD

Bone Graft Cost in Mexico

The bone graft cost in Mexico starts from $250 USD and goes to $1,5000 depending on the treatment and the quantity of bone graft needed.

Bone Graft Surgery

Bone Graft Types and Techniques

Socket Graft: The most common type of bone graft it's used after a tooth extraction to replace the missing roots. 

Block Bone Graft: This type of bone graft it's used to fill a quadrant (2 o more teeth) of the lower jawbone with a block of bone.

Ridge Bone graft: This type of bone graft is used to increase width or height on a quadrant sometimes when this can't be achieved by osseointegration an Expansion Ridge is used instead.

Sinus Lift is a bone graft on the alveolar bone in the top jaw there are two common sinus lift techniques:

Sinus Lift Crestal Technique: Before the implant is placed there is vertical a bone graft that pushes the sinus to regain the desired height.

Sinus Lift Lateral Window Technique: As the name says there is a lateral incision similar to a window used to place the bone graft material.

Biograft material