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Dental Crowns Cost Mexico

Dental Crowns Cost in Mexico

Having a full mouth restoration with crowns is the most affordable option to restore your smile without extracting all of your teeth.

So what is a tooth crown? A crown is a tooth cover that is placed over a damaged tooth or an implant to restore the tooth aesthetically esthetic and recover the functionality of the tooth. 

With a Dental Crown, you get to keep your natural teeth by removing the affected parts and placing a dental crown over the remaining healthy teeth.

A lot of patients who were told they needed extractions back in the US are surprised when they discover that we can save their teeth with fillings or crowns and save them a fortune.

Is it worth having Dental Crowns in Cancun?

In Cancun Dental Design we are experts on Restorative Dentistry who specializes on dental reconstruction and preservation. 

What is the cost of keeping your teeth..?

There is no better teeth than natural teeth and overtime is the best dental solution to keep them and take care of them, there are several reasons why someone would want getting dental crowns such as:

Restore Tooth: When the tooth damage hasn't affected the root you are able to keep your teeth by removing the infected area and placing a crown over your teeth.

Over an Implant: In the case you had a Dental Implant you will need a crown to act as a regular tooth.

Support a Dental Bridge: To be able to place a bridge next to them, it's commonly grinded down to be able to provide better support for the teeth bridge.

Cosmetic: If a patient is not comfortable about their teeth height/width, a crown can be placed for Cosmetic Purposes

Before Full Mouth E Max Crowns Mexico
After Full Mouth E Max Crowns Mexico

Different types of Crowns and Cost in Cancun

Having dental crowns in Cancun is becoming really popular on international patients that wish to have the best type of crowns for and affordable cost. 

It depends on the type of crown of your choice we commonly suggest full ceramic zirconia for the front teeth as they look more natural, last longer and feel more like natural teeth.

Crown Full Ceramic Zirconia


$450 USD

Crown Porcelain Emax


$450 USD

Crown-Solid Gold

*Depends On Weig t Of Gold 


$650 - 850 USD

Full Mouth Crowns Patient Before and After 

Cancun Dental Design Crowns Before and After In Mexico

Are Dental Crowns Right for me?

Dental Crowns are for every smile that can be saved without extractions. 

This type of Restoration might last decades, so it's better to choose the proper material that will let you keep a normal life.

Zirconia Crowns: Are made of a single piece of zirconia which is the most similar look and feel to natural teeth, these types of crowns are suggested for front teeth.

Emax Porcelain Crowns: These are porcelain fused to metal crowns and because of that Emax crowns are suggested for Molars.

Crowns Color Range
Dental Crowns in Mexico

Benefits of Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns are considered the best material for dental restorations because of the following reasons:

Translucent: Zirconia Crowns have translucent qualities meaning they let the light go through them giving a more natural selection.

No Stain: The color will prevail on crowns made 100% from zirconia.

Durable: The wear of crowns made of zirconia is minimal.

Bio-Compatible: Zirconia is a biocompatible material, so your body won't reject or have an allergic reaction to it.

How long does crowns last?

Dental Crowns may last over 30 years, but their average duration in good conditions maybe around 15 and 20 years.

Prophylaxis plays a main role here, let's not forget the crown is covering natural teeth.

A tooth crown works as a regular tooth, because of this they need the same dental care as natural teeth.

If your natural teeth will start to decay, it might be possible that the crown will start to get loose and eventually fall.

Even if zirconia dental crowns are a resistant material, we recommend being careful with them.


Full Mouth Dental Crowns Review

We do everything to save as many teeth as we can by using the latest digital dental technology to create Top Quality Dental Crowns in the shortest time.

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    Dental Crown Process

    You will have custom-made crowns in just a couple of days depending on your needs, but usually a crown treatment can take us a week as a maximum.

    First we make all the studies to be certain about the correct path of your treatment. 

    After that our dentists will sit with you and explain your options and discuss secondary goals as the color, the size, material and shape preferred for your crowns.

    We will start with the preparation for your dental crowns, usually grinding your teeth and taking molds for our On-Site Dental Lab.

    On the next appointment you will see your custom-made crowns and if everything is perfect as you wanted we will proceed to place them.

    The process of placing your crowns usually takes a few hours we use dental cement + special light to harden them faster and be sure your teeth are perfectly adjusted to your bite.

    That's all, enjoy your new smile.

    Real Dental Crown In-house lab Milling Machin Cancun Dental Design

    Custom Designed Crowns with our on-site Dental Lab

     At our in-house dental lab the experienced CAD/CAM personnel design and fabricate in specialized machines our own dental restorations making them more affordable.