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7 Things you need to know before travelling to Mexico for Dental Crowns

Is it worth having Dental Crowns in Cancun?

We will cover everything you need to know before getting dental crowns in Cancun.

1. Are Dental Crowns right for you?

2. How long do crowns last?

3. The cost of crowns in Cancun.

4. The difference between Crowns vs Implants.

5. What different types of crowns exist.

6. How does a real case look (Full mouth reconstruction) before & after with crowns.

7. And the most important of all (How to get them)

Dr Zamora Dental Implant Expert in Mexico

Let's Start with a dental crown review from a US patient 

We do everything to save as much teeth as we can by using the latest digital dental technology to create Top Quality Dental Crowns in the shortest time.

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Are Dental Crowns Right for me?

Crowns are used to cover damaged teeth by removing a thin layer of enamel in order to encase and perserve your teeth roots and healthy parts.

There are 3 main usages for a dental crown:

Reinforce a decayed teeth

Aestethic Reasons

Use them over a dental implant abutment.

Dr Hugo zamora giving advice on all on 4 patient

Over 20 Years of Experience

First we will take a mold of your teeth, we evaluate the fit, shape, and coloration of the crowns to make sure they’re perfect for you.

How long does crowns last?

Dental Crowns may last over 30 years but their average duration on good conditions may be around 15 and 20 years.

Prophylaxis plays a main role here, let's dont forget the crown is covering a natural teeth.

A tooth crown works as a regular tooth, because of this they need the same dental care as natural teeth.

If your natural teeth starts to decay it might be possible that the crown will start to get loose and eventually fall.

Even if zirconia dental crowns are a resistant material we recommend to be carefull with them.

Before Full Mouth E Max Crowns Mexico
After Full Mouth E Max Crowns Mexico
Real Dental Crown In-house lab Milling Machin Cancun Dental Design

Custom Designed Crowns with our on-site Dental Lab

 At our in-house dental labthe experienced CAD/CAM personnel design and fabricate in specialized machines our own dental restorations making them more affordable.

Full Mouth Crowns Patient Before and After 

Cancun Dental Design Crowns Before and After In Mexico

What type of crowns are the right for me?

We use 4 types of crown types at Cancun Dental Design

We usually recommend Full Ceramic Zirconia Crowns or Emax Porcelain Crowns for the front teeth as they give the most natural look and can be paired to the color of your natural teeths.

The second recommendation is the use of a full metal gold crown or metal fused to porcelain crown for molar teeth because of their functions.

How to choose between Porcelain crowns vs Zirconia Crowns? We recommend using Zirconia Crowns because of this reasons:

The main difference is that zirconia crowns have translucid qualities meaning they let light go through them giving a more natural look.

The color will prevail on crowns made 100% from zirconia.

The wear of crowns made of zirconia is minimal.

Zirconia is a biocompatible material so your body wont reject or have an allergic reaction to it.

Crowns Color Range

Different types of Crowns and Crowns cost in Cancun

Having dental crowns in cancun is becoming really popular on international patients that wish to have the best type of crowns for and affordable cost. 

It depends on they type of crown of your choice we commonly suggest full ceramic zirconia for the front teeth as they look more natural, last longer and feel more like natural teeth.

Crown Full Ceramic Zirconia


$360 USD

Crown Full Metal (Gold)


$650 USD

Crown Porcelain Emax


$360 USD

Crown metal fused Porcelain