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Dental Implants Mexico In-Depth Guide 

All you need to know before travelling for Dental Implants

Lets face it:

Going out of the country to have major dental implants can be intimidating.

For some people even going to their local dentist is scary.

So why you should travel overseas for major dental work?

Cancun Dental Design specializes on Implantology offering a wide range of dental implant treatments such as: Single Dental Implant, Implant Fixed Bridge and Implant Fixed Dentures.

In this In-Depth Dental Implant guide we will cover:

  • Dental implant cost and prices
  • Going out of country for dental work
  • Type of implants and dentures
  • Dental Clinic Enviorment
  • Dentist Training & Experience

But First, What is a Dental Implant? A dental implant is a restorative procedure to replace teeth, this implant is fixed on the bone below the gum to act as a tooth root. A dental implant usually has 3 components: The implant (root) , the abutment and the crown (dental piece) some new implants usually made from zirconia include the abutment as they are made from a single piece.

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Having Dental Implants is for anyone who is missing one or several teeth and has enough healthy bone density to proceed with the treatment.

There are several benefits from having dental implants aestheticaly and functionaly speaking, restoring your jaw bone due to the abscene of teeth roots for example.

Implant Dentist Cancun

Cost of Dental Implants in Cancun

The average cost of dental implants in the US goes from $2000 USD to $5,000 USD this is only the cost of the implant after adding an abutment + crown the final cost goes anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000.

Affordable Dental Implant Prices 

You can Save up to 60% on your dental work thanks to Mexico economical circumstances. We also reduce the costs of your treatment by having our own Dental Laboratory On-Site for fast turn-arounds for your treatments.

No need for Dental Implant Loans. 

Our dental advisor will kindly work with you to fit your budget. Prices Do Not Change Upon Arrival To Cancun.

Save up to 60% even on a Single Implant

We are a more affordable option than getting done one dental implant in usa.

Transparent And Clear Pricing

Dental implants


$900 USD

Crown + Abutment


$750 USD

Single Dental Implants in Cancun Mexico

Comprehensive Dental Evaluation with state of the art technology

For most patients, the placement of dental implants involves two surgical procedures. 

The first step in our dental implants treatment process involves x-rays, and a 3D CBCT scan as well as a clinical examination. There’s an important reason to do it all: we needs to assess the health of your jaw bone check for bone loss or other issues and decide whether or not the dental implant is a good option for you.

If getting a dental implant is a viable option, then all those scans will help us make a 3D Printed Surgical guide to ensure the correct incilination and placing of your dental implant specially for teeth that are difficult to access like placing molar implants of  helping Dr. Zamora and Dr. Javier Paz ensure your treatment is a success.

Implantology Experts Cancun Dental Design

Trusted by 1000+ of patients each year

More than often our patients are shocked by the state of the art dental technology. 

We are rated as the Best Dental Clinic in Mexico, you most likely find better equipment than some Dental Clinics in the US.

Our main goal is to help as much people as we can through dental tourism.

We know a lot of patients around the world expect nothing but the best dental work at Cancun Dental Design.

Thats why we keep investing on the use of the latest dental implant technologies and improving our facilities.


"I got my Dental Implants for half the price that I was quoted in US"

If you are hesitant about travelling for dental work this dental implant review at Cancun Dental Design is a must watch!

We keep a Transparent And Clear Pricing, Prices Do Not Change Upon Arrival To Cancun. The process of restoring your smile depends on each patient oral health.

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Different types of Dental Implants

When we are talking about dental implants there are a lot of ways to clasify them

By Type

Mini Implants: This are the smallest type of dental implants they are commonly used to place snap on dentures and not recommended for single teeth pieces because of their reduced diammeter may not be strong enough to abosorb the regular impact of a bite. Although there are used sometimes on front and cannine teeths when space is minimal.

Short Implants: Bicon Short implants are smaller than a regular implant and are used on places where bonegrafting might not get the best results. Thanks to their smaller size is a good graftless implant option for single teeth. 

Regular Dental Implants: This type of implants are the best option because they have the perfect size and diammeter to safely absorb teeth constant impact. Some times bonegrafting is needed to achive a better quality of bone density. On healthy patients this is the most recommended dental implant oAll on 4 Implantsption.

All on 4 Implants: They are almost identical to regular implants the difference is they have special abutmets that allows them to be placed tilted inside the jawbone at a max. of 45° this type of dental implants are used to fix a full arch denture instead of single teeths

Zygomatic Implants: This are the longest type of dental implants and contrary to all the other types of implants this are placed on the zygoma bone (cheek) as a solution for patients who have an advanced deterioration of the upper jaw bone to get anyother dental implant fixed. This migh be aswell the last resort for edentoulus patients and is never used on bridges or single implants.

Dental Implant Types

The Best Dental Implant Materials

By Material

Titanium Implants: This are the most common material used on implantology they have the best and most advanced dental implant technology.


Ceramic Dental Implants: Also know as Zirconia Implants are a newer non-metal material that has a higher biocompatibility with the bone and is gainning popularity specially on the hollistic dentistry field. 

Zirconia Dental Implants

The Best Dental Implant Brands

By Brand

There are a lot of high quality dental implant brands but like in a lot of industrires there are two companies that rise to the top we might name them as the giants of the dental implant industry thanks to their constant improvement on technologies and dental implant solutions. 

Straumann Neodent: One of the first dental implants companies known for their swiss gold standars and gained a lot of market share thanks to NeoDent recently fusion.

Nobel Biocare: Know for the pattented All on 4 Treatment and of course their All on 4 Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental Implants for Seniors

Having Dental Implants at an advanced age isn't a contradiction for the Implant Procedure although certain conditions that come with aging may contribute to the risk of a dental implant failure such as bone regeneration, bone density and deterioration of the bone 

Dental Implants Cancun

What type of Dental Implant is the best for you?

Single Tooth Dental Implants: Is placed to replace a missing tooth in order to help the other teeth preserver their natural potition and stop bone loss.

Implant Fixed Dental Bridge: An implant-supported bridge is needed when two or more teeth are missing in an area. It also may be used when your dentist is concerned that you might put too much pressure on individual implants that are not connected to each other. The implants will be placed next to natural teeth, the natural teeth and surrounding gums must be in good health. If you don’t have enough bone to place and support the dental implants, the supporting bone can be built up using bone augmentation or grafting before the actual implant procedure begins. The “all-on-four” technique is used when all teeth are missing in an arch either upper or lower.

Implant Fixed Dentures: This is a full arch solution for edentoulus patients and can be classified according to the missing alveolar bone density

High Alveolar Bone Density

Using straight regular implants or All-on-4 tilted implants to maximize stability

All on 4 Cancun Process

Mid Alveolar Bone Density

Using mini implants with ball abutments where the denture snaps with pressure.

Snap-on-dentures Process

Low Alveolar Bone Density

Using a Long tilted implant next to the zygoma bone.

Zygomatic Implants Process

Let's talk about the benefits of having Dental Implants in Cancun Dental Design

Have you ever considered traveling abroad for dental care? Maybe you’ve heard of dental tourism and you’re curious about how it works. Maybe you are planning a trip to Mexico for dental care and you’re wondering what to expect. Whatever the case, traveling abroad for dental care can be a fantastic option for anyone looking to save money on their dental bills.

Certified Implantologist with over 20 years experience 

Doctor Hugo Zamora Leading Restorative Dentist At Cancun Dental Design, Over 20 Years Experience In Complex Restorative Treatments has helped over +1000 dental tourist from other countries across the globe like Canada, U.S.A. regain their ability to eat, talk, and smile with comfort through a long-term dental implant solution. 

Leading Restorative Dentist in Mexico
Affordable Dental Implants Mexico

Fast turn arounds on your dental restaurations

State of the art dental lab on-site for fast turn arounds for your treatments. we can get your dental work ready in under a week.

Advanced Digital Planning and 3D Digital Priting Technology of surgical guides for accurate placement.

Unique and fast workflow with our on-site dental laboratory

Cancun Dental Design Team

High Accredited and Trained Professionals

A very common mistake among patients who are looking for the Best Dental Clinic in Mexico is to think that a good dentist must be expensive. 

You will have one of the best Certified Implantologists in Mexico who performs this kind of treatments almost on a daily basis with precision, experience,knowledge and technology and without complications,

We also reduce the costs of your treatment by having our own Dental Laboratory On-Site for fast turn-arounds for your treatments.


Bone Graft In Mexico

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that replaces missing bone with an artificial, synthetic, or natural substitute.

A successful bone graft allows your jaw bone to be strong enough to support your dental implant.

Most dental bone grafting procedures are done to restore your bone to its previous form following tooth loss, gum disease or trauma. Bone grafting may also be used to maintain bone structure after tooth extraction.

Restoring and maintaining facial bone structure is important for several reasons. Many dental procedures, such as dental implant placement, require that the bone be as close to its original dimension and position as possible for optimal results. Also, the jaw and other facial bones support the skin and muscle that are responsible for our outward cosmetic appearance. Without the support of the underlying bone, our faces can look prematurely aged.

The bone graft procedure

The surgeon will use a special bone grafting material, and graft it onto your jaw bone.

You will then have to wait, most likely several months, while the graft creates enough new, strong bone to make sure that the implant will be stable and secure.

It is possible if you only need a minor graft that the procedure might be able to be done at the same time as the implant surgery.

Bone Graft Surgery