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Dental Prices in Mexico 2020

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Full price list below

Full Dental Price List in Mexico 2020

You can find on the list below a more detailed description of our dental prices by category and dental specialty

Dental work cost in Mexico

Top Dental Treaments Prices in Cancun
Dental TreatmentPrices
Dental Implants$900 USD
Root Canal$250 USD
All-On-4$9000 USD
3-On-6$10,800 USD
Crowns$420 USD
Veneers$420 USD
Invisalign$4500 USD
Zoom whitening$220 USD
Zygomatic Implants$2500 USD
Double Jaw Surgery$12,000 USD
Mini Dental Implants$450 USD Per Implant
Implant Procedures Prices
"All on Four" Phonares Hybrid$9000 USD per arch
"All on Four" Prettau Full Arch Zirconia$10000 USD per arch
"All on Six" Prettau Full Arch Zirconia$11000 USD per arch
3-On-6 Smile Restoration$10,800 USD per arch
Implant Supported Overdenture (with 2 implants)$2800 USD per arch
Implant Supported Overdenture (with 4 implants)$4000 USD per arch
Snap On Dentures (4 Mini Implants)$3000 USD per arch
Snap On Dentures (6 Mini Implants)$3900 USD per arch
Sinus lift Crestal Technique$1000 USD
Sinus Lift Lateral Window Technique$1500 USD
Bone Graft Post Extraction Per Tooth$250 USD
Dental Implant (implant only)$900 USD
Implant Crown (including abutment)$700 (450 + 250) USD

*Does Not Include Extractions and BoneGrafting or Temporary Dentures

Restorative Dentistry Prices
Composite fillings$60-120 USD
Ceramic inlay$420 USD
Gold inlay$300 USD
Zoom whitening$220 USD
Home bleaching$150 USD
Ceramic veneer IPS e.max$420 USD
Composite resin veneer$290 USD
Zirconia veneer$450 USD
Lumineer (ultra thin veneers)$420 USD
Examination Price
Initial oral examinationFREE
Periodic oral examinationFREE
Panoramic x-ray$20 USD
Intraoral periapical x-rayFREE
CT-scan 50$50 USD
Prophylaxis Conventional Teeth cleaning (per visit - 30 min.)$40 USD
Scaling and root planing (per quadrant)$65 USD
Deep Cleaning - Complete Mouth$100 USD
Air-flow stain removalFREE
Maxillofacial Surgery
Rhinoplasty$1500 USD
Short Chin Surgery$10000 USD
V-Line Surgery$11000 USD
Double Jaw Surgery$12000 USD
Orthognatic Surgery One Arch$8000 USD
Orthodontic Department
lnvisalign orthodontic appliances, adjustment$ USD
lnvisalign orthodontic appliances, full arch$ USD
Invisalign orthodontic casts$ USD
Diagnostic castFREE
Diagnostic PhotographsFREE
Metal bracket orthodontic appliances, per arch$300 USD
Ceramic bracket orthodontic appliances, per arch$600 USD
Damon bracket orthodontic appliances, per arch$800 USD
Gold lingual indirect bracket orthodontic casts$ USD
Gold lingual indirect bracket full arch$ USD
Gold lingual indirect bracket adjustment$ USD
Orthodontic retainer, per arch$ USD
Pediatric Dentistry Department
Initial oral examination$40 USD
Prophylaxis or scaling$65 USD
Sealant$30 USD
Primary tooth extraction$70 USD
Primary tooth filling$60 USD
Prefabricated stainless or resin crown$120 USD
Topical application of fluoride$30 USD
Pulpotomy (partial pulp removal)$150 USD
Pulpectomy (total pulp removal)$220 USD
Oral Surgery Department
Simple tooth extraction$35 USD
Surgical removal of tooth or root$100 USD
Surgical removal of impacted tooth$150 USD
Alveoloplasty$300 USD
Removal of cyst$250 USD

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