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Mexico Dental Prices

If you are looking for affordable dental prices this Clinic is the Stop.

Having Dental Work in Mexico is 70% more affordable compared to U.S. average prices, beside Mexico Dental Prices these are some of the reasons why our patients prefer Cancun Dental Design among other clinics.

•We are Mexico's Leading Clinic on Implantology and Maxillofacial Dentistry

•International patient experience

•Safe Dental Practice

•Use of Top Brands and High End Materials

•Free Airport-Hotel-Clinic Transportation

•Major Exposure to Complex Dental Treatments

We keep a Transparent And Clear Pricing, Prices Do Not Change Upon Arrival To Cancun.

Complete Dental Clinic Price List Below

Restorative Dentist in Mexico

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Dr. Stephens DDS is a Retired USA Dental Surgeon with 35 years of succesfull Dental Experience.

He can guide you through the process of coming to Mexico for Affordable Dental Work and answer any of your Dental Questions.

He can provide you an accurate estimate and will kindly work with you to fit your budget.

    Cancun Dental Design Price List

    We keep a Transparent And Clear Pricing, Prices Do Not Change Upon Arrival To Cancun.

    Top Dental Treaments Prices in Cancun
    Dental TreatmentCost in Mexico
    Dental Implants$900 USD
    Root Canal$250 USD
    All-On-4$10,000 USD
    3-On-6$12,000 USD
    Crowns$450 USD
    Veneers$450 USD
    Invisalign$4,500 USD
    Zoom whitening$220 USD
    Zygomatic ImplantsTBD

    Cost of Veneers, Crowns and Fillings in Cancun

    Porcelain Veneers - Dental Crowns - Fillings in Cancun
    Dental VeneersCost in Mexico
    Veneer-Solid Porcelain$450 USD
    Veneer - Zirconia or E.max$450 USD
    Lumineer Veneer$450 USD
    Veneer - Resin$290 USD
    Inlay/Onlay-Zirconia or E.max$380 USD
    Dental Crowns | *Crowns Have Same Cost Over Implants, Bridge Abutment and Pontic Same Cost per UnitCost in Mexico
    Crown - Solid Zirconia$450 USD
    Crown-Emax Layered Porcelain With Zirconia Substructure$450 USD
    Crown-Emax All Porcelain$450 USD
    Crown-Solid Gold *Depends On Weight Of Gold$600-850 USD
    RestorativeCost in Mexico
    Composite Filling 1 surfaces$65 USD
    Composite Filling 2 surfaces$95 USD
    Composite Fillings 3+ surfaces$125 USD
    Foundation Pin Build Up$100 USD
    Post and Core Foundation or after a Root Canal Build Up$150 USD
    Cast Post and Core Foundation$200 USD
    AbutmentsCost in Mexico
    Implant Abutment - prefab - Our Straumann$250 USD
    Custom Lab Fabricated Implant Abutment$300 USD
    Implant Abutment - Implant Placed At Another Clinic Unless Compatible Brands$300 USD
    Periodontics in Mexico
    Dental TreatmentCost in Mexico
    Scaling and Root Planning Closed Curratage- $70 per quadrant - total x4$280 USD
    Periodontal Flap Surgery Open Curratage - Per Quadrant (not often)$180 USD
    Bone Graft *Per CC with Reabsobable Collagen Membrane-Per tooth (up to 3 teeth)$300 USD
    Tissue Grafting - Type Of Graft (Alloderm) and Technique Like Pin-Hole per tooth300 USD
    Gingivectomy Per Tooth Anterior$100 USD
    Gingivectomy - 6-anterior teeth$400 USD
    Crown Lengthening-per Tooth Posterior$100 USD
    L - PRF (Leukocyte Platelet Rich fibrin from blood)$200 USD
    Full Mouth Reconstruction - $5,000 - 6,000 Range (include 2cc of bone grafting
    see treatment plan examplesCost in Mexico
    Implants & Fixed Zirconia Denture ALL ON 4, per arch Phase 1 and Phase 2$10,000 USD
    Implants & Fixed Zirconia Denture ALL ON 6, per arch Phase 1 and Phase 2$12,000 USD
    Implants and Fixed 3 on 6 Fixed Zirconia Bridges, per arch Phase 1 and Phase 2$12,000 USD
    Temporary Denture for All on 4/6 - Removable Per Arch$400 USD
    Temporary Denture for All on 4/6 - Screw Retained Per Arch$1,500
    Mini Implants (4), attachments and Denture (1) per Arch$3,500 USD
    *At Clinic - $125 per housing/$125per O-ring/$580 denture-
    Mini Implants (6), attachement and Denture (1) per Arch$4,400 USD
    Extractions each$50 USD
    Bone Graft with extraction per Arch$350 USD
    Root Canal Costs in Mexico
    Dental TreatmentCost in Mexico
    Root Canal Therapy 1-2 roots$250 USD
    Root Canal Therapy 3 + roots$250 USD
    Root Canal Therapy-Re treatment$350 USD
    Apicoectomy-Single Root$300 USD
    Dental TreatmentCost in Mexico
    Full Acylic-upper denture (temporary)$400 USD
    Full Acylic-Lower denture (temporary)$400 USD
    Removable Partial Denture-Metal Base-Upper or Lower (8 days)$700 USD
    Removable Partial Denture Upper or Lower - Valplast all acrylic$450 USD
    Retainer with Tooth (Flipper) - Upper or Lower (< 4 teeth)$150 USD
    Denture Reline$100 USD
    General Dentistry Prices
    Dental TreatmentCost in Mexico
    Exam and consultation$60 USD
    Nitrous Oxide per Unit of timeNot Available
    IV Sedation by Anesthesiologist per session$500 USD
    Nite Guard-hard occlussal, soft gingival$150 USD
    Laser Whitening at clinic without trays - upper and lower$150 USD
    Zoom Laser Whitening at clinic without trays - upper and lower$220 USD
    Whitening Trays Only$75 USD
    Cleaning General$65 USD
    Cleaning - Deep Cleaning (4 - Quadrants)$120 USD
    Panorex X-ray ($75 charge if no treatment. Credit amount when treatment starts)NC
    Periapical X-ray eachNC
    Dental Scan 3-D Image ($220 charge if no treatment. Credit amount when tx starts)NC
    Full Mouth Series PeriapicalsNC
    Oral Surgery Department
    ImplantsCost in Mexico
    Manufacture: NeoDent By Straumann$900 USD
    Zirconia Implants by Straumann (1 or 2 piece system)$1,800 USD
    Zygomatic ImplantsTBD
    Dental TreatmentCost in Mexico
    Direct Sinus Lift Lateral Window Technique with Bone Graft$1,500 USD
    Indirect Sinus Lift Crestal Lift Technique with Bone Graft$450 USD
    Bone graft and Collagen membrane after ext ($200 for Bone graft, $100 Membrane)$300 USD
    Simple Extraction$50 USD
    Extraction-non 3rd Molar - Surgical$150 USD
    Extraction - 3rd Molar$300 USD
    Implant Abutment$250 USD
    Implant Crown - Solid Zirconia$450 USD
    Implant Crown - Solid Porcelain or E.max$450 USD

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