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Hybrid Denture Cost in Mexico

This type of dentures are for all patients who are missing or will be missing all their natural teeth and want the most similar alternative to a natural smile or for patients who want to upgrade from regular dentures.

But first, What is a fixed hybrid denture?  Fixed Hybrid dentures are implant anchored dentures that screw in your jawbone usually known as permanent dentures.

There are a lot of dental procedures to fix this type of dentures the most common are: Regular Hybrid Dentures, All on 4, Snap on Dentures, Zygomatic Dentures

E max Dentures Procelain

Fixed Hybrid Dentures Pros and Cons

There are a lot of benefits when comparing fixed hybrid dentures vs overdentures / removable dentures like:

 -Preserving your bone density: Hybrid denture implants act like tooth roots stimulating your jaw bone density.

 -Natural Look and Feel: The materials used on this type of dentures like Zirconia and Porcelain are the most similar to teeth

 -No Diet Restriction

 -Palateless Dentures: Enjoy the taste and temperature of foods

What are hybrid dentures made of?

Hybrid implant supported dentures can be made of different materials each one with great qualities and adequate for any budget.

Phonares hybrid dentures: Phonares hybrid dentures are made of Porcelain fused to metal with a titanium bar inside them.

Others Such as Prettau Zirconia Dentures are made of a single piece of zirconia.

And lastly High Impact Acrylic Dentures are the cheapest material a fixed hybrid denture can be made of and are usually provided as temporary dentures.

Fixed Hybrid Dentures Superstructure

Zirconia Hybrid Denture Cost


$5,000 USD

Phonares Hybrid Denture Cost


$5,000 USD

Acrylic + Titanium Bar Denture Cost


$5,000 USD

Fixed Hybrid Dentures in Cancun Mexico

Fixed Hybrid Denture Process

With our unique hybrid denture workflow we can have your denture in just a few weeks. 

Getting your Fixed hybrid Denture is simple and will take you just a few steps:

-Taking the impression of the final position of your implants

-On-site Lab Fabrication: During our Hybrid Denture Fabrication a zirconia disk will be milled in our CAD CAM machine to create a one piece prosthesis.

-Placing your Denture: On The Hybrid Denture Surgery our dentists will make the final adjustments on your denture to be sure it perfectly fits and looks as you want.


Hybrid Dentures Review

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    What is the Best Fixed Denture option for you?

    Full Mouth Dental Implants This is a full arch solution for edentulous patients and can be classified according to the missing alveolar bone density

    Mid Alveolar Bone Density

    Using mini implants with ball abutments where the denture snaps with pressure.


    A removable hybrid denture made of high impact acrylic.

    Snap-on-dentures Process

    High Alveolar Bone Density

    Using straight regular implants or All-on-4 tilted implants to maximize stability.

    The most common hybrid denture to use after having regular dentures.

    All on 4 Cancun Process

    Low Alveolar Bone Density

    Using a Long tilted implant next to the zygoma bone.

    Usually for patients with severe bone deterioration due to the absence of implants

    Zygomatic Implants Process