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Fixed Hybrid Dentures

As the name implies, Fixed Hybrid Implant Dentures are a screwed and held in place by implants placed in the jaw bone. Because fixed hybrid implant dentures do not cover the palate of the mouth, patients are able to enjoy the taste and temperature of foods. They are called “hybrid dentures” because they combine the benefits of traditional dentures with a fixed bridge. Fixed hybrid implant dentures are able to be brushed like natural teeth.

What are the Benefits of Fixed Implant Dentures?

This option allows the patient to enjoy a full set of teeth more naturally

 Natural look

 Natural feel

 95 % chewing ability

 Enjoy food’s taste and temperature

 The ability talk, chew, and bite with full functionality

 Without self-consciousness or anxiety

 They are screwed in, and don’t come out.

 They can be brushed as natural teeth