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What is Gingivectomy?

The procedure is the total removal of a portion of gingiva (gum) from in and around a tooth or teeth in order to treat gum disease or to lengthen the height or width of a tooth or a section of teeth. 

Periodontal alternatives

Another type of periodontal surgery is called a gingivoplasty. A gingivoplasty is different than a gingivectomy as the former only involves partial removal of the gums. The latter removes an entire portion of a gum section.

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    How Is a Gingivectomy Performed?

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    The diseased tissue is trimmed and removed, the remaining gums are reattached in and around the teeth by sutures (stitches), and the area is cleaned with saline and special rinses. A local anesthetic is used to keep the patient comfortable during the procedure.


    After the procedure is completed, a surgical dressing, or pack, is placed in and around the teeth and gums. This dressing is left in place for about a week. Swishing with an antibacterial mouthwash can help in the healing process.