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Invisible Orthodontics

Learn more about the costs, benefits, and options available to getting invisalign clear aligners in Cancun, Mexico

Invisalign In Mexico

The Best Alternative To Braces

Invisalign braces are the most modern treatment available in orthodontic dentistry, as they are more aesthetic and more comfortable than common braces. You will be able to have braces at home without the constant intervention of an orthodontist to make adjustments, making them the most easygoing approach to orthodontics.

We Are A Certified Invisalign Provider In Cancun Mexico

At Cancun Dental Design, we collaborate directly with Invisalign® to offer our patients a world-class dental solution for their orthodontic needs. Invisalign clear aligners are one of the most innovative dental technologies for digital orthodontics.

Currently, invis are the most requested alternative to traditional braces at our dental clinic among the younger people, thanks to the discreet aesthetics and the great results it provides.

The Advantages Of Invisalign Over Braces

Invisalign Teeth Aligners

• Highly aesthetic (invisible)
• Custom-made to fit perfectly
• Improves comfort and hygiene
• Reduces treatment timeframes
• Fewer check-ups

Traditional Braces

• Moderate aesthetics
• Barely customizable
• Harder to clean in general
• Usually, treatment lasts longer
• Needs regular check-ups

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisible Orthodontics

Is Invisalign Right For Me?

As an orthodontic treatment, Invisalign clear aligners are recommended for the vast majority of patients from a clinical perspective. However, every patient should know that the success of Invisalign treatment depends largely on the consistency in wearing the aligners according to the dentist’s instructions.

Invisalign Aligners Are Highly Recommended When:

• Teeth are misaligned or gapped
• You have dental malocclusion
• It is necessary to have a smile makeover
• You wish for more aesthetic teeth
• Traditional braces are not a choice

A clear aligner works by putting pressure on your teeth to make them move to the desired position. Using Invisalign is a gradual process that needs your commitment and responsibility to work properly and finish with the best results.

The Invisalign treatment consists of a set of multiple aligners (between 12 and 20) that need to be changed as your teeth move. Usually, you will need to wear each aligner for about two weeks before moving on to the next. After your treatment is done, a dental retainer is critical to keep your teeth from going to their previous position.

How Much Is Invisalign In Mexico?

The average cost of Invisalign in Mexico goes from $5,000 USD to $8,000 USD. At our dental clinic in Cancun, you will find the lowest cost of any of the certified Invisalign clinics in Mexico. You can get your Invisalign treatment for 4,500 USD.

In case you have a limited budget, we also offer in-house clear-aligners. These are made with a high-quality polymer that is also transparent and provides great aesthetics.

Cancun Dental Design In-House Teeth Aligners

Thanks to our dental laboratory, we are capable of creating our clear aligners for half the price of Invisalign. This might come as a much better alternative for you, as the fabrication time frame reduces, allowing an early start of your orthodontic treatment with teeth aligners.

Invisalign Clear Aligners Price*

$4,500 USD

Full Mouth

CDD In-House Teeth Aligners Price

2,500 USD

Full Mouth

Includes: Adjustments, Additional teeth aligners.

*Due to the technology needed to fabricate Invisalign Clear Aligners®, it takes a month of waiting after your initial evaluation and treatment plan to start your Invisalign treatment.*

Invisalign Reviews

What Patients Say

Discover the experience of Amber at Cancun Dental Design. She came from the U.S. for a combined treatment of dental veneers and Invisalign. See her full review if you are still doubtful about the amazing results you can get at Cancun Dental Design.

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    Invisalign Clear Aligners Vs. CDD Teeth Aligners

    Both options are great for different reasons. You must consider aspects such as price, time frames, and functionality. They seem the same, but one might be more suitable for you than the other, depending on your teeth condition.


    CDD Teeth Aligners

    • For all kinds of cases• For not-so-complex cases
    • High-quality material• High-quality material
    • Higher cost• Lower cost
    • Attachment compatible• Attachment compatible
    • Takes two trips• Takes a single trip

    If you have any questions, contact us for more information.

    How We Approach Digital Orthodontics

    To design your clear aligners in-house and plan your treatment digitally, we work under a 4-step process.

    1st Examination & Scanning

    Using the latest technology like Intraoral Scanners we will take all the info needed to replicate a 3d model of your teeth.

    2nd Information Processing

    Our dental software will trace the correct path for aligning your teeth with invisible aligners. This is how we start your treatment plan.

    3nd Orthodontist Revision

    The orthodontist will make an in-depth revision of the treatment plan before starting the 3D impression of the clear aligners.

    4th In-House Fabrication

    We use a 3D printer and CAD/CAM software to fabricate our clear aligners to cut the time frames and the cost of the treatment.

    In-House Fabrication For Clear Aligners

    It all starts with an oral scanning, which then transforms into a digitalized 3D model that our orthodontists can work with to plan and design your whole treatment. Based on the digital design, they will send all the information to our dental technicians who will start all the fabrication process of your future teeth aligners.

    With our clear aligners, we can help you to get the most aesthetic smile you have ever had without all the inconveniences of traditional braces; you don’t have to make tons of appointments, deal with pain, or worry about your teeth’ aesthetics.

    Your complete set of clear aligners will be ready within a week, after the approval of the orthodontist in charge of your treatment. Afterward, you can start your treatment and go home.

    How To Wear And Care For Clear Aligners

    • You must wear your clear aligners for at least 22 hours per day.
    • Always remove the teeth aligners before eating or drinking
    • Clean your aligners after removing them. Use soap and a brush
    • You should avoid smoking to avoid staining your aligners
    • The next tray of aligners can´t be used before the proper time
    • The order in which you should wear the aligners can´t be changed
    • Always put the clear aligners in their case when you remove them
    • At the end of your treatment, you must wear a dental retainer.

    Braces Vs Invisalign

    Understanding Orthodontics

    For some patients, it can be somewhat confusing to understand the differences, similarities, and benefits between traditional braces and Invisalign clear aligners. Before going in-depth into both alternatives, these are some key aspects to understand first.

    Clear Aligners Do As Much As Braces

    It is a common misconception that invisible aligners are only used for aligning your teeth. However, this treatment is essentially orthodontics, which means they can solve the same issues as traditional braces like teeth gaps, dental arch issues, malocclusion, etc.

    Both Depend On Your Commitment

    Once your treatment with braces or invisible aligners is completed, you will need to wear fixed or removable retainers for the time indicated by the dental specialists. This is strictly necessary to maintain the final result of your orthodontic process.

    Timeframes Can Be Equal For Both

    Usually, Invisalign provides quicker results to our patients, shortening the duration of the treatment to a year or less. However, for complex cases, both braces and clear aligners cases may require the same time to complete. It will all depend on your teeth´s condition.

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