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Hollistic Removal of Amalgam Fillings


The IAOMT protocol recommendations for amalgam removal are known as the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART). 

If you are getting an amalgam filling or having one removed, your dentist will use high-powered suction to remove any excess amalgam from your mouth.

Hollistic Dentistry Mexico Removal of Amalgam Filling

Hollistic Dentistry in Mexico with State of the Art Technology and Safety Precautions

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THE IAOMT PROTOCOL Reccomendations

 Face shields and hair/head coverings are to be utilized by the dentist and all dental personnel in the room


 Either a properly-sealed, respiratory grade mask rated to capture mercury or a positive pressure, properly-sealed mask providing air or oxygen should be worn by the dentist and all dental personnel in the room


 In order to protect the patient’s skin and clothing, a full body, impermeable barrier, as well as a full head/face/neck barrier under/around the dam, should be utilized


 External air or oxygen delivered via a nasal mask for the patient also should be utilized to assure the patient does not inhale any mercury vapor or amalgam particulate during the procedure. A nasal cannula is an acceptable alternative for this purpose as long as the patient’s nose is completely covered with an impermeable barrier


 A dental dam that is made with non-latex nitrile material should be placed and properly sealed in the patient’s mouth


 A saliva ejector should be placed under the dental dam to reduce mercury exposure to the patient


 During amalgam filling removal, the dentist should utilize an at source oral aerosol vacuum in close proximity to the operating field to mitigate mercury exposure


 The amalgam should be sectioned into chunks and removed in as large of pieces as possible, using a small diameter carbide drill

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 Dentists must comply with federal, state, and local regulations addressing the proper handling, cleaning, and/or disposal of mercury-contaminated components, clothing, equipment, surfaces of the room, and flooring in the dental office