Root Canal In Mexico

All You Need To Know

Learn more about the costs, benefits, and process of getting root canal therapy done in Cancun, Mexico.

Getting Root Canal Therapy In Mexico

The Last Chance To Save Your Teeth

If you are looking for a root canal treatment, you probably have one or more broken, blackened, or severely decayed teeth. We know that you don’t want to feel more pain or discomfort, nor lose your teeth completely.

However, with the root canal therapy we offer, you might be on time to save your teeth and avoid more complex problems by getting an endodontic treatment and a teeth restoration.

In Cancun Dental Design, we have specialized endodontists who will diagnose you and help you to preserve your natural teeth and recover your oral health. Do not hesitate and let us provide you with the highest quality dental care in Mexico.

Benefits Of Having A Root Canal At Treatment In Cancun

  • You can save and restore your teeth
  • No need for unnecessary extractions
  • Prevents future dental issues
  • Long-Lasting dental solution
  • Get the same quality dental work as in the U.S.
  • Allows for an esthetic tooth restoration
  • You can save 60% or more in your treatment
  • Enjoy a dental vacation in Mexico

When Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

The need for a root canal will be evident after the tooth´s infection has caused severe damage to the tooth root and reached the tooth pulp.
These are the most common signs that indicate you require endodontics:
• Teeth getting darker
• Feeling pain while chewing
• Losing sensitivity in your teeth
• Bad mouth taste because of the infection
• The appearance of a dental abscess (a ball on the gums with pus)

Root Canal Cost In Mexico

Having a root canal in the U.S. with no insurance can be expensive and it requires additional treatments that will increase the price of the overall restoration even more.

That´s probably why you are asking: How much does a root canal costs in Mexico? The cost of root canal therapy in Cancun Mexico starts at 350 USD per tooth. You can save your teeth at the most affordable price with this dental treatment.

Root Canal Treatment Costs

Root Canal Therapy

$350 USD

per tooth

Root Canal Retreatment

$400 USD

per tooth

Root Canal + Crowns

$800 USD

per tooth

What To Expect When Getting Root Canal Therapy In Cancun Mexico

Expert Endodontists Will Treat You

All your treatment will be planned and executed by one of our endodontic specialists in conjunction with our general dentists, who have performed more than 3000 dental restorations involving endodontic treatments.

A Comfortable And Safe Environment

When you arrive at our clinic, you will find a clean, safe and comfortable space; you get in touch with any member of the staff, as they all speak English. Our goal is to make your dental experience as pleasant as possible before and after your treatment is done.

Cutting-Edge Dental Office Technology

Our dental clinic is equipped with the latest technology for any restorative dental procedure. The endodontist will use tools such as x-ray analysis and intraoral scanning to make accurate digital planning to perform the treatment flawlessly.

Root Canal Procedure In Cancun Dental Design

To make it simple, root canal therapy consists of a 3-step process:

1st Step: Preparation

We first need to evaluate your teeth´s condition to proceed with the treatment. The information helps us plan the procedure precisely, elevating its success rate.

2nd Step: Endodontic Process

We start your treatment, with local anesthesia to access the infected pulp without hurting you. Then we proceed to the cleaning and extraction of the damaged pulp.

3rd Step: Final Restoration

Once the root canal ends, we can follow it with a restorative treatment according to your tooth´s condition. This is done to restore your tooth functionality.

“How Long Does Root Canal Therapy Takes?”

The root canal treatment can be done in one to four appointments, depending if the nerve of your tooth is infected or not. Consider that a single root canal therapy takes between one to two hours per session according to the complexity of the case.

Root Canal Therapy In Mexico Reviews

Most of our patients who undergo root canal treatment, also acquire a restoration with dental crowns. This is one of our patients, who received a full mouth reconstruction with porcelain crowns after her root canal therapy with which we saved her teeth.

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    What Is The Best Final Restoration After Root Canal Therapy?

    When To Get Dental Fillings?

    Commonly, dental fillings are the go-to option for a final restoration when the enamel removal during the root canal procedure was on the cusp of the tooth (center). Dental fillings cost 65 USD per tooth after getting endodontics.

    When To Get An Inlay Or An Onlay?

    If a side of the tooth was removed due to decay, or if the damage went too deep, an Inlay or an Onlay can be made using Zirconia or Emax porcelain. These are also known as partial crowns or 3/4 crowns and have a cost of 450 USD per tooth.

    Getting Crowns After A Root Canal

    Dental crowns are, by far, the best treatment available to recover both the aesthetics and functionality of your tooth. Not every root canal therapy needs a crown afterward but it will always be necessary to finish the endodontic procedure with some dental restoration to protect and preserve the tooth after being endodontically treated.

    When Should I Get A Crown After Root Canal Therapy?

    Getting dental crowns after a root canal therapy is the better option if:
    • Your tooth is broken or mostly decayed
    • Pulp infection has weakened your teeth
    • The tooth is esthetically compromised
    • You had a failed root canal before
    • The damaged area is too wide

    Recover Your Teeth By Having Dental Crowns

    With dental crowns, we can restore your tooth or a set of teeth completely. By visiting the treatment page, you can learn more about the benefits of getting crowns in Mexico.

    How Does Root Canal Therapy Works?

    Root Canal is a minimally invasive procedure used to “kill the nerve” of the tooth, which means to extract all the infected or dead pulp of the tooth root (nerve, vein, and artery). This is done to keep your tooth in your mouth and maintain most of it with a restorative dental treatment.

    Endodontics is the key pillar of our restorative dentists whose main concern is preserving and restoring as many dental pieces as possible to avoid tooth extraction.

    Root Canal Recovery Time & Aftercare

    If you now wonder: how long does it take to recover from a root canal? Usually, recovery time for a root canal will take 5 to 14 days of healing, depending on your pain threshold. We suggest you follow the next recommendations for the next 4 to 7 days after getting your root canal therapy:

    • Eat soft foods for a week
    • Avoid greasy food, spicy food, candies, and acidic foods
    • Do not smoke or drink alcohol for a couple of weeks
    • Chew on the opposite side of your restored teeth
    • Avoid sudden changes in temperature in your mouth
    • Be careful when brushing your teeth

    Implants Vs. Root Canal: Which Is Best?

    Both dental implants and root canal therapy are options to get your teeth restored. However, they have some important differences that you should consider before getting one of them. Feel free to contact our dental advisor for a comprehensive consultation.

    Dental Implants Are Not Always Necessary

    It is a common misconception to think that you must have dental implants just because your teeth are worn out, but that is not always the case for the vast majority of our patients.
    If your local dentist told you dental implants were the only alternative without a proper evaluation, you might have a better chance of restoring your teeth with a more affordable treatment like root canal therapy and crowns.
    At Cancun Dental Design, we focus on preserving your natural teeth first. We will only provide you a teeth restoration with dental implants if you need such treatment.

    Dental Implant Restoration

    • Requires tooth extraction
    • Requires tooth extraction
    • Less affordable
    • Longer recovery time
    • Can last over 20 years
    • Surgery is more complex
    • May require additional treatments
    • Allows eating any food
    • 98% of success rate

    Root Canal Therapy Restoration

    • Avoids tooth extractions
    • Avoids tooth extractions
    • More affordable
    • Short recovery time
    • Lasts between 10 to 15 years
    • Minimally invasive surgery
    • Followed by a restorative treatment
    • Must be careful with hard foods
    • 93% of success rate

    Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Therapy

    How Long Should I Stay In Mexico To Get Root Canal Therapy?

    If you come to Cancun, Mexico to get a root canal treatment, you will need to stay for at least two weeks. This is necessary to undergo both the root canal procedure and the restorative dental treatment you will need, like dental fillings or crowns.

    How Soon Should I Get A Crown After A Root Canal?

    To properly preserve your tooth, a crown must be placed as soon as possible, right after the root canal procedure. You will receive a temporary crown until your final crown gets fabricated in our in-house laboratory.

    How Many Root Canals Can I Get At Once?

    You can get up to three root canal treatments in a single appointment. Consider that each may take between 2 hours to complete. We suggest getting your endodontic treatments on separate appointments.

    Why Have A Root Canal Instead Of Extraction?

    Keeping your teeth will always be better than extracting them as there is no better thing than your natural dental pieces. Besides, having an endodontic treatment is a hundred times cheaper than any dental implant restoration. At Cancun Dental Design, we will always strive for preserving your natural teeth if they can be saved.

    Can A Root Canal Be Done In One Visit?

    If the root of your tooth is not infected yet, the endodontist can perform root canal therapy (or pulpectomy) in a single appointment. This is usually possible when the death of a tooth is caused by traumatism and not by an infection due to cavities.

    Is Root Canal Painful?

    No, root canal therapy is not painful as every patient gets local anesthesia before the endodontics to prevent pain from appearing during the procedure. However, it is normal to feel some pain or discomfort after the procedure, but with proper medication, it should not be a problem.

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