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Root Canal in Mexico

Root Canal Therapy in Mexico

Having a root canal with no insurance can be expensive even more after including the dental restoration used to preserve your teeth after this procedure is done.

Root Canals explained Simply: A Root Canal Kill the nerve (specifically the infected pulp of the teeth root). A root canal is done to keep the tooth and save the most part of it with a dental restoration this is also known as an endodontic. This type of dental treatment is the key pillar of restorative dentistry whose main concern is to preserve / restore as much of the dental pieces as we can instead of an exodontia (extraction).

An Endodontist is a Root Canal Specialist who is able to diagnose and determine the best way to preserve your natural teeth. In Cancun Dental Design our patients usually come wanting non-necessary extractions than can be solved through a Root Canal + Crown or a Filling.

Root Canal vs Extraction: This might sound unconventional coming from us (Dental Implant Experts) but there are no better teeth like natural teeth and honestly as Restorative Dentists this will be our 1st suggestion.

What is the price of saving your teeth?

 How much does Root Canal Costs in Mexico? The Price of Root Canal in our clinic is $250 USD and depending on if your teeth can be restored with an inlay/onlay a filling or a crown.

Root Canal in Mexico

Root Canal Therapy

$250 USD

Root Canal Retreatment

$350 USD

Root Canal and Crown Costs from:

$700 USD

Restoration Prices:

Zirconia Crown Cost

 + $450 USD

Fillings Cost from:

 + $65 USD

Ceramic inlay from:

 + $380 USD

Root Canal Endodontic Microscope

Why would you need a root canal?

Root canal signs are shown after tooth infections have caused severe damage to the teeth root and reached the tooth pulp.

This are the most common reasons for a root canal:

-Teeth getting darker

-Pain while chewing

-Bad mouth taste because of the infection

-A fistula (a ball in the gums) / Abscessed tooth

This usually happens because of two important reasons: Not giving proper care of caries / dental cavities and because of a traumatism / strong impact.

Root Canal Restoration Types

There are several types of dental restorations after a root canal such as: Inlay / Onlay, Fillings, Crowns this all depends on how much healthy tooth was saved during the root canal therapy and where it was lost.

The most common is that just the center of the tooth was removed to perform the root canal surgery. In this case the Filling material is a liquid made of composite resin that can be hardened within minutes with the help of special light, we also remind you that mercury filling is no longer in use by modern dentistry.

If a side of the tooth was removed then an inlay or an onlay made of  hard material such as zirconia or E-max Porcelain will be custom made in our dental lab to fit like a missing puzzle on your teeth and perfectly adapt to your bite.

On an advanced teeth deterioration when the cavity just left the base of the tooth a Zirconia Crown or E-Max Crown can be placed as a cover of the teeth.

Root Canal Restoration Types
Is Root Canal Painful?

Is Root Canal Painfull?

No, a root canal surgery is not painful at all: A Root Canal Therapy is done under local anesthesia and you won't feel pain during the surgery.

Depending on your pain level you will have some discomfort and a little pain when chewing,

Usually the common Root Canal Recovery Time takes from 2 to 6 days after surgery.

Root Canal Procedure

How root canal therapy is done in 3 steps:

1. Preparation: Access to the pulp using local anesthesia

2. Root Canal Therapy: Cleaning and extraction of infected pulp

3. Restoration: Filling and Restoring the Teeth

Depending on the type of tooth you can have 1 or 3 roots and a maximum of 5 pulps this can make the root canal surgery vary on time.

The most common complication after a root canal are infections but with the proper restoration and if you follow our dentist's indications there nothing to worry about.

Root Canal Post Care

How long does it take to recover from a root canal? Usually a Root Canal will take 5 - 9 days of healing depending on the patient pain threshold. 

We suggest you follow the next recommendations for the next 4 - 6 days after the Root Canal Therapy:

•Eating soft foods

•Chewing on the opposite side of your restored teeth

•Avoid sudden changes of temperature in your mouth

Although you can regularly check if the level of pain while eating becomes acceptable. 

Root Canal Process