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Snap on Dentures

Snap on dentures are paletless dentures secured to the jaw using mini implant snaps instead of glue or adhesive to keep the dentures in place. The mini implant snaps are anchored in the jaw bone.

Snap on dentures improve a person’s chewing ability, allowing the wearer to eat a wider variety of healthy foods such as corn and apples. This type of implant stops bone loss that occurs when wearing regular dentures, they are more comfortable than traditional dentures and provide easier speaking and swallowing. Palateless Snap on dentures use four or more implants to keep the dentures secure and stable so that the patient avoids embarrassing slipping of the dentures.

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Snap on denture / Mini Implants Process Video

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How does Snap in Denture works - Mini implants

Mini dental implants are getting increasingly more popular today at cosmetic dentistry as many dental patients opt for this type of dental treatment. 

First, what's a mini dental implant? 

Its a thinner and smaller implant with a ball head (snap on) or a Locator head (snap in). In the present, these are replacing the traditional surgical implants. Surgical implants had been the best choices for individuals that have fought so hard with their dentures. Mini dental implants cost less than the traditional implants, and they take a lot less healing and recovery time. So this is why we opt for this kind of implants they definitely work. We're doing it for a lot of dental patients, and there are over a thousand dentists that are doing the same things across the globe.

Having these mini dental implants in Cancun Dental Design can really change the lives of our dental patients. They'll pay less for it, eliminate the hassle of the extensive surgery involved with traditional surgical implants, plus they may have  less healing and recovery time with this process.

Are Snap on Dentures Right for You?

Although snap on dentures provide many attractive benefits, they are not right for every patient. For example, if you have an autoimmune disorder such as diabetes, or if you have experienced an advanced degree of jaw atrophy due to a prolonged absence of tooth roots, you may be better suited to traditional dentures. In this case, our dentists can provide a precisely fitted and natural-looking denture. They can also provide the ongoing care necessary to maintain comfort and functionality. In some cases, candidacy for snap-on dentures can be restored through a bone grafting procedure. Our dentists will conduct a detailed assessment of your oral health and overall health to determine your options.

Snap in dentures can be for patients who're missing one tooth, patients who're wearing partials, patients who're wearing dentures and they are uncomfortable with it due to the irritations, rubbing and other causes. In our practice at Cancun Dental Design, we've done these mini dental implants on patients from a wide range of ages. 

Because the denture is removable, you can snap on and off whenever you want. The “snap” or “clip” happens when you press them against the head of your mini implants.

Old woman with snap on dentures enjoying her breakfast

The benefits to snap-on implant dentures are:

- Sit gently over your gums

- Confidence to smile wide again

- No issue with speaking, laughing, coughing, or eating

- No denture adhesive to keep the dentures from slipping out

- They are palateless, meaning they are not pushed up on the palate of your mouth, only snapped and hooked over the head of the implant

- Stability

- A strong bite

- Comfortable fit

- Ability to remove them if necessary

- Ability to chew hard foods, such as carrots, apples, nuts, etc.