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Snap-on dentures cost in Mexico

The cost of having snap on dentures in Mexico compared to the U.S. is one of the main reasons why traveling overseas for dental work is becoming the best option for international patients.

In this guide for getting your snap on dentures in Mexico we will answer the most common questions that you may have before traveling aboard for dental work.

So let's start with the most important question...

How Snap on Dentures Work

Are Snap-on Dentures Right for You?

Snap on dentures can be for patients who're wearing partials or conventional dentures and are uncomfortable with them due to the irritations, rubbing, mispositioning, loss of taste among other causes. 

Having these type of fixed denture that is removable can really change your life. 

You'll pay less for it, eliminate the hassle of the extensive surgery involved with traditional dental implants by using mini dental implants.

Plus there is less healing time and faster recovery time in the snap on dentures process.

Snap on dentures are the perfect palateless solution for edentulous patients who are seeking for a better option to traditional dentures.

In our practice at Cancun Dental Design, we've done these mini dental implants on patients from a wide range of ages. 

Cost of Snap-on Denture in Cancun Dental Design

So How much do snap on dentures in Mexico? Snap on dentures cost goes on average from 3,000 USD (4 mini implants) to 4,800 USD (8 mini implants) depending on how many Mini Implants ($450 USD ea) are placed to anchor your high impact acrylic denture. 

Snap on Dentures Mini Implant Cancun

Snap on Dentures Surgery and Evaluation Included

We give a complete and comprehensive dental evaluation on your first dental visit and talk about your dental options. This studies are free of charge and will be used to make a precise dental guide to assure the success of your treatment.

  • Includes 4 mini dental Implants
  • Alveoloplasty
  • Pre-Surgery Studies And Surgical Materials included
  • Surgical Guide 3D, CBCT, Panoramic XRay, Impressions

Implant Placement And Temporary Prosthesis

$3,500 USD

(4 mini implants per arch)

Implant Placement And Temporary Prosthesis

$4,400 USD

(6 mini implants per arch)

Snap-on Dentures mini implant

Getting snap on dentures in cancun?

There is no doubt about it:

Major Dental work in the US is Expensive and most of it is not covered by dental insurance.

Traveling overseas for dental work like snap-on dentures might be a difficult decision but it's definitely worth it.

Snap on dentures are an affordable way to get a palletless removable denture that is stable and won't slip while talking, eating or laughing.

The main benefit of dental implants is that they act like a tooth root and stop bone deterioration.

We'll show you all the benefits of getting Snap-on Dentures at Cancun Dental Design.

Snap in dentures Mexico
Types of mini implants for Snap on Dentures

How does Snap-in / Snap-on dentures works? 

So what are Snap on dentures? Snap on dentures are palateless dentures secured to the jaw using mini implant snaps instead of glue or adhesive to keep the dentures in place. The mini implant snaps are anchored in the jaw bone.

Palateless Snap on dentures uses four or more implants to keep the dentures secure and stable so that the patient avoids embarrassing slipping of the dentures.

Because the denture is removable, you can snap on and off whenever you want. The “snap” or “clip” happens when you press them against the head of your mini implants.

What is a mini dental implant? A mini dental implant it's a thinner and smaller implant with a ball head (snap on) or a Locator's head (snap in).

Snap on dentures in Mexico Review

Patient Experience Of Snap on Dentures Treatment and State of the Art Dental Clinic. Must watch the video if you are hesitant about doing your dental work outside of the US

Snap on Dentures Pricing

    The benefits to snap-on implant dentures are:

    • Sit gently over your gums
    • No denture adhesive to keep the dentures from slipping out
    • They are palateless, meaning they are not pushed up on the palate of your mouth, only snapped and hooked over the head of the implant
    • Stability
    • A strong bite
    • Comfortable fit
    • Ability to remove them if necessary
    • No issue with talking, laughing or eating hard foods
    • They are palateless dentures, meaning they are only snapped and hooked over the head of 4 mini implants
    • The use of mini implants stops bone loss that occurs when wearing regular dentures
    Full Mouth Snap-on Dentures in Mexico
    Dental Implant Procedure Timeline Cancun

    Snap-on dentures Process: Placing mini implants to anchor your new teeth

    Mini Dental implants are specially designed for people who lack of bone density.

    This bone loss happens as a side effect of using conventional dentures for a long time.

    A lot of patients that have been told they cannot use fixed dentures. Typically opt for snap-in dentures because they don't want to go through a bone grafting procedure to increase their bone density and help regular dental implants anchor on the jawbone.

    Some complex cases may also need bone grafting even for mini dental implants.

    Our dentists will conduct a detailed assessment of your oral health and overall health to determine your options. 

    Once decided that Snap-on Dentures are the right fit for you, they will be placed surgically by Dr. Zamora or Dr. Javier Paz. 

    After that our dental lab will create a custom made acrylic snap on the denture and make sure it perfectly fits and fulfill your expectations.

    Lastly we will make the final adjustments in your Snap-in dentures so you can enjoy your new teeth and get back home.

    Snap-on Dentures vs All on 4

    Snap on dentures uses 4 mini implants instead of all on four dentures that use 2 regular implants + 2 tilted implants (All-on-4™) .

    Snap on dentures can be taken out by the owner often to clean them at any time they wish, on the other side All on 4 dentures can only be taken out by a dental specialist.

    Both dentures are implant fixed which stops bone loss due to absence of tooth roots

    If you have experienced an advanced degree of jaw atrophy due to a prolonged the absence of tooth roots, you may be better suited to all on 4 dentures.

    In some cases, candidacy for snap-on dentures can be restored through a bone grafting procedure.

    Snap-on-dentures Process