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Teeth Whitening Cancun

Teeth Whitening in Cancun

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments offering a quick, non-invasive and affordable way that lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration whitening (or bleaching) treatments are available to satisfy every budget, time frame and temperament. 

Tooth Whitening is not a one-time procedure. It will need to be repeated from time to time if you want to maintain the brighter color.

How do teeth whitening works?

Teeth Whitening occurs as oxygen molecules from the whitening agent spread throughout the tooth and react with the discolored molecules in your teeth. This means that the entire tooth is whitened, even if the whitening gel isn’t in contact with every part of the enamel. This safe, non-invasive, and effective whitening method is the most trusted by dentists and patients alike.

Teeth Whitening in Mexico Cost

The cost of teeth whitening in Mexico goes from $100 USD Laser Whitening $150 Home Whitening kit and $220 USD Zoom Whitening. Prices from our 2020 Clinic Price List.

Laser Whitening Cost

From: $150 USD

Whitening Trays Only Cost

From: $75 USD

Zoom Whitening Cost

From: $220 USD

Teeth whitening types

Laser teeth whitening This procedure uses a strong bleaching gel that is applied to the teeth and uses a laser for quick photoactivation. This treatment is not painful at all and lasts approximately 1 hour. 

Home whitening kit Opalescence whitening the global leader in teeth whitening and trusted by dentists and patients alike.

Zoom Whitening By applying a special whitening gel made of hydrogen peroxide your teeth color can go down to 4 shaders thanks to the Zoom lamp photoactivation.

So which is the best type of teeth whitening? To our consideration the best is the zoom whitening because you can see dramatic changes after the first 45 minute session.

These treatments are not painful although your teeth might have high sensitivity for a couple of hours.


Why teeth get yellow or Stained

The most common reasons for teeth to get yellow or stained are:

 The natural aging process

 Poor dental hygiene habits

 Smoking and other forms of tobacco use

 Illness, certain medications and Fluorosis

 Consumption of certain drinks and foods, including tea, wine, coffee and soda

Teeth whitening Before and After

Before after teeth whitening Mexico

The White Diet

What to eat after having a teeth whitening? for the next 36 hours you should only eat food that doesn't color your teeth this is known as The White Diet and consist on eating: Rice, Natural yogurt, bananas, scrambled eggs, apple, pears, sushi, chicken, turkey, any white cheese, clear sodas, milk, steamed fish.

Foods to avoid after teeth whitening: Drinks like Coffee, Tea, Red Wine, Cola and avoid eating Berries or Red Meat also avoid the use of condiments like Ketchup, Mustard, Red Sauces, Soy Sauce, Steak Sauce.


Avoid using Colored toothpaste,Colored Mouthwash, Fluoride treatment, Chlorhexidine while cleaning your teeth

Things that help whitening your teeth naturally

We have always said that the best way to have healthy white teeth is to brush them at least 3 times a day, although there are some natural ways to whiten your teeth you might not get as good results as having a professional whitening.

Whitening teeth with baking soda is the most common remedy known this is achieved after applying a small quantity on your toothpaste. We recommend using "white" whitening toothpaste as charcoal is gaining popularity as a teeth cleaning method there is no real proof on its effects.