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All On 4 Dental Implants Cost in Cancun

We think almost everyone will agree that having All on 4 implants in the US is expensive, you might have found that it is really hard to have full mouth dental work without dental insurance.

So which are your options? As you, there are a lot of people who are doing their research looking for the best clinic in mexico to have All on X treatments.

We made this Complete Guide for all on 4 Dental Implants in Cancun to cover and answer questions we know many of you may have.

Cost of all on 4 implants in mexico

Is getting All on 4 in Mexico the best choice for me?

Usually All on 4 dental implants are recommended as an option because you don't have enough bone density, height or thickness to fix regular implants on your jaw.

There are differents factors that can affect your bone density.

All-On-4  Dental Implant Cost in Mexico

So what is the cost of all on 4 in Mexico? The cost of all on 4 goes from  9,000 USD (all on 4 + Phonares Hybrid Arch) to $11,000 (all on 6 + Prettau Full Arch Zirconia).

The cost of our All on 4 Treatment includes: All on 4 Dental Implants, the Alveoloplasty and all the Pre-Surgery Studies (Surgical Guide 3D, CBCT, Panoramic XRay, Impressions) And Surgical Materials are included on the fee.

All-On-4™ dental implant Cost

Surgical Phase

 Implant Placement And Temporary Prosthesis

from: $4200 USD

Services with an extra cost:
  • Bone Graft ($350 USD per arch)
  • Temporary Denture ($400 USD)
  • Sedation ($500 USD)

Restorative Phase

Finish Of Prettau Full Arch Zirconia Restoration

 after 6 mohtns of healing 

from: $4000 USD

All on 4 Arch Types

Prettau Full Arch Zirconia

Phonares Hybrid 

Why Choose Cancun Dental Design For Your All-On-4™ Treatment

We are a Small 4 OP Dental Facility Focus On Quality Not Quantity. 

Cancun Dental Design Processes And Walkthrough For All on 4 Treatments Makes it Able To Offer Quality All on 4 without loosing quality. 

The relative cost of dental work in Mexico vs US is about 60% less using the same top All on 4 implants brands like Nobelbiocare™ or Straumann®

All on 4 Dentist in Mexico

Major Exposure to All on 4 complex cases

A very common mistake among patients who are looking for the Best Dental Clinic in Mexico is to think that a good dentist must be expensive. 

You will have one of the best Certified Implantologists in Mexico who performs this kind of treatments almost on a daily basis with utmost precision and without complications, Expirience,Knowledge, Technology

We also reduce the costs of your treatment by having our own Dental Laboratory On-Site for fast turn-arounds for your treatments.

Best All on 4 Arch Materials

Thanks to our On site Dental lab we are able to produce Full Zirconia Prettau arches that are from a single Zirconia Disk in our Cad Cam milling machine. This type of archs is more solid and can resist more impacts than an acrylic Denture plus since its made from Zirconia it will never decolor and always look as natural teeth.

Real All-on-4 Zirconia Arch in Mexico

All On 4  Dental Implant Mexico Review

All on 4 Patient: Speaks about his personal Experience Of Price Difference Of All On 4 Dental Implants and compares the quality of  his new all on four in Mexico.

Free All On 4 Quote

Step by Step guidance for All on 4

Our dental advisor is a retired U.S.A dentist

Clinic, Doctor, Patient Communication Is Vital For Treatment Success, 

The First Way To Get Started Is Contacting Our Clinic, You Will Speak With Dr Robert Stephens, Who Will Go Over All Your Treatment Options Prior To Arrival

Dr Hugo zamora giving advice on all on 4 patient

How does All on 4 Works?

So what is an all on 4? An all on 4 is a full arch rehabilitation with only 4 implants that consist: on 2 regular implants and 2 tilted implants using theall on 4 procedurethat allows tilting the implants to a 45 degree inclination.

Dental Implant Procedure Timeline Cancun
All on 4 Cancun Process

All on 4 Procedure

First Day Preparation  The All on 4 procedure starts with the teeth extraction in case you are not an edentulous patient. 

First Trip to Mexico:


All on 4 Bone Grafting: The procces of bonegrafting is used to "fill up" the space left by the teeth roots when extracted or to accelerate the osseointegration process with bonegraft material.

There are two regular cases in the all on 4 first stage process.

1. Extraction + Bonegrafting: Usually if the teeth are removed there will be an infection this is the most common case and we suggest months of healing and comming back for your dental implants.

2. Extraction + Bonegrafting + Implant: For edentulous patients or patients that didnt have an infection there is the possibility to go back with all on 4 dental implants on the same day. 

Placing All on 4 Dental Implants: Thanks to our latest implant technology we can print a 3D surgical Guide that allow us to place the all on 4 dental implants precisely with no space for human errors.  

Usually you will think that dental implants are placed on the same space that was left by a tooth root, this might no be always the case, we look for the best bone density on your jaw for example this can be between your teeth allowing bonegrafting act separately from the implant osseointegration.

On both cases you will go back with a temporal denture made of high impact acrylic. This is when usually our patients ask about all on 4 on a day.

So is it possible to have All on 4 on the same Day? We consider this type of practice too risky because the weight of a permanent denture can missplace dental implants and affect the osseointegration. 

All on 4 Recovery Time (4 to 6 months): During this period the bonegraft material will help your jawbone heal faster and allow the implant osseointegrate at a celular level.

Second Trip to Mexico

Final Arch Restoration: We will take a mold of your all on 4 dental implants and Create a Zirconia Prettau Arch on our On-site dental lab after discussing with our patient the final adjustments.

The benefits of a fixed denture

Having a fixed denture will stop bone loss and help the patient restore their ability to eat chew and speak normally as if they had normal teeth. 

Fixed dentures might last a lifetime with the proper care and oral hygiene.

Aside from the all on 4 procedure the denture itself can be an hybrid (High impact acrylic with a metal superstructure inside) or made from one piece of Zirconia in our On-site Dental Lab.


Latest technologies for All on 4 treatments in Mexico

We use the latest Dental Technology to print 3D surgical guides and maximize the placement precision of your dental implant. All models are based on your included 3D CBCT Scan helping us to achive perfection on complicated cases where there is no room for mistakes.

Implantology Experts Cancun Dental Design
How all on 4 implants work

Top all on 4 Brands: Phonares Hybrid and Prettau Zirconia

We work with Top All on 4 Dental Implant Brands like Zimmer, 3i, Straumann or Nobel Biocare. We use the latest Titanium restorations and Zirconia Dental Implants

All on 4 Post Care

On the other hand, the support and firmness provided by a fixed prosthesis is far superior to that of a removable one, achieving greater safety when chewing and speaking.

It is important to note that fixed prostheses require special care to be durable.

Although they cannot have cavities, the surrounding periodontal tissue should not be forgotten, as they can accumulate tartar and develop, for example, gingivitis or periodontitis.

It is necessary to use hygiene using an oral irrigator to ensure that the area is free of bacteria.

Maintaining correct dental prophylaxis and going to the dentist-prescribed check-ups, a fixed dental prosthesis can last a lifetime.