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Getting Jaw Surgery in Mexico (double jaw surgery, orthognatic surgery)

All our Maxillofacial Dentists in Cancun Dental Design specialize in the study, prognostic and surgical treatment of dentofacial anomalies or deformities.

Being one of the few clinics in the world that offers Surgery First - Orthognathic Surgery our Certified Maxillofacial Surgeons use the latest tools such as jaw surgery 3d planning technology.

Is Orthognathic Jaw Surgery In Mexico An Option For Me?

Usually patients who come to Cancun Dental Design are patients that are already diagnosed by their orthodontist and jaw surgery doesn't get covered by their insurance or the costs are just to expensive for them. 

Dental Tourism in Mexico is for anyone looking for an affordable way to have jaw surgery, orthognatic surgery or double jaw surgery with a Certified Maxillofacial Dentist.

Oral and Maxillofacial Jaw Surgery in Mexico
Orthognatic Surgery Costs Mexico

What is Orthognathic surgery?

Let's start explaining what is orthognathic surgery? Orthognathic surgery also known as Double jaw surgery or (Corrective Jaw Surgery) is the process of repositioning the upper jaw or lower jaw in order to re align the bite and fix overbite or underbite problems of patients.

All Surgical orthodontics are performed by our internationally renowned Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Jaw Surgery Cost in Mexico

Getting Jaw Surgery without insurance may cost up to $80,000 USD usually dentist in the U.S. "forget" to include on your quote things such as (surgeon fees, anesthesiologist and anesthesia costs, hospital charges, Braces)

We offer a clear pricing that can be discussed from the begining with our dental coordinator. Some frequently asked questions are:

How much does Double Jaw Surgery Cost in Mexico? The cost of double jaw surgery is $12,000 USD this includes surgeon fees, dianostics, x-rays)

How mucho does Orthognatic Surgery Cost in Mexico? The cost of Orthognatic Surgery is $8,000 USD this includes surgeon fees, dianostics, x-rays)

Orthognathic Surgery in Mexico

Double Jaw Surgery Cost

From: $12,000 USD

Line Surgery(Genioplasty)

 From: $11,000 USD

Orthognatic Surgery(One Arch)

From: $8,000 USD

Is corrective Jaw Surgery in Mexico worth it?

Having a surgical procedure outside of your country might sound risky at first but you don't have to worry about anything, in-fact in Cancun Dental Design we have an international renown Orthognathic Dentist early adopter of the "Surgery First Method"

We Walk You Thru All The Steps Of Getting Your Jaw surgery in Mexico With The Top Oral Maxillofacial Dentist In Mexico.

Jaw Surgery in Mexico Dr Raymundo Ramirez Lugo
Jaw Alignment Surgery Mexico

Comprehensive evaluation by our maxillofacial surgeon and orthodontist 

Orthognathic surgery treatment consists of a surgical act with general anesthesia in an operating room

The maxillofacial surgeon examines the patient, reviews all available records, and discusses with the patient and family the available jaw surgeries.

Our surgeons will discuss and focus on every part of the stomatognathic system (muscles, occlusion, chewing and swallowing functions).

This discussion on achieving both functional and facial aesthetic goals. goes by hand with our orthodontist evaluating all the complete records, including posteroanterior, lateral, panoramic radiographs and transcranial (for tmj) 

All these studies are made to avoid maxillofacial surgery complications once we have all these records

State of the Art Digital Dental Planning for Oral and Maxillofacial evaluation

Thanks to Digital Dental Planning and the use of 3d scanning technologies we are able to recreate a digital model of the patient with 100% accuracy. 

Allowing us to take in count everything that is involved in a jaw surgery with complete precision. 

We are able to study the patient's jaw bones, the nerves and the muscles taking a deep look into the swallowing function, chewing function and breathing in order to plan your jaw surgery success.

Orthognatic Jaw Surgery Digital Planning
Jaw Surgery Angle Classification

Angle's Molar Classifiacation 

We diagnose our patients with Angle's classification it's important to don't be missguided about the malocclusion of the teeth (usually corrected by braces) compared to the jaw misalignment (corrected with jaw surgery)

Class I malocclusion: Same as a normal bite but with a light malocclusion caused by crowded teeth, rotations, or erratic positions of the teeth.

Class II malocclusion: Retrognathic when the upper first molar is anterior to the first lower molar. 

Class III malocclusion: Prognathic when the upper first molar is posterior to the first lower molar.

Surgery First Orthognathic Surgery

Jaw Surgery Process

The Orthognathic surgery process on a traditional protocol involves 3 steps: 

1. Pre-surgery orthodontics 6, 12 or 18 months

2. Orthognathic surgery

3. Post surgery orthodontics 6 to 18 months

Recently new methods like Surgery First reduce orthodontics to be from none to 6 months pre surgery for some qualified patients being:

1. Pre-surgery orthodontics none to 6 months max

2. Orthognathic surgery

3. Post surgery orthodontics 6 to 18 months

Jaw surgery recovery Phase

For the first 2 - 4 weeks you will be on a liquid diet with bandages on your mouth to prevent abrupt movement. Being on a liquid diet is sometimes frustrating but with the time you will start feeling better after that you will start being able of talking and chewing soft foods.

Jaw Surgery Video Review

Sky talks about his jaw surgery experience in Cancun Dental Design and all the benefits of having orthognathic surgery in Mexico

Jaw Surgery Quote Or Information

    Does Jaw surgery change your face?

    Getting Jaw Surgery will improve your look but overall your life quality improving your chewing, speaking, sleeping and breathing problems.

    While the patient’s appearance may be dramatically enhanced by surgical orthodontics, orthognathic surgery is commonly performed to correct functional problems whos occlusion can't be corrected by braces or orthodontic camouflage.

    Orthognatic Surgery Mexico

    Conditions that may indicate the need of corrective jaw surgery

    On first place people who have a dentofacial deformity or a maxillofacial asymmetry.

    Overbite: the patient has the mandible behind the upper jaw.

    Underbite: the person has the jaw forward.

    Asymmetries: the patient shows notable differences between the left and right sides of the face.

    Open bite: when the upper and lower front teeth do not contact.

    Just to clarify this deformities aren't congenital meaning patients acquire this lack or excess of the maxillaries overtime.

    Overbite Surgery and Underbite Surgery 

    This osteotomy technique

    are the two most common jaw realignment surgeries to fix overbite, underbite and open bite problems.

    Underbite Surgery: The Bilateral Sagittal Split is a lower jaw surgery performed on the mandible. This type of surgery allows to Advance or Retract the Mandible and fixate in the desired position to correct the occlusion .

    Overbite Surgery: The Le Fort I surgery is an upper jaw surgery that consists on the Maxilar horizontal osteotomy over the line of the teeth that allows to reposition de maxilla on the correct position or inclination in the case of an Open Bite Surgery

    Double Jaw Surgery: When these two types of intra-oral surgeries are performed on the same patient under General Anesthesia.

    Orthognathic Surgeries Types

    "Surgery First" Method

    Surgery First is a surgical methodology that has revolutionized the field of orthognathic surgery in recent years. It is defined as an alternative to the 3 steps conventional procedure "orthodontics, orthognathic surgery, orthodontics".

    Thus, Surgery First is presented as a methodological and technical revolution mainly for 5 reasons:

    1. All patients who have their teeth well aligned and the only thing that is corrected is the existing disharmony between their jaw and maxilla, they can do without pre-surgical orthodontics.

    2. The treatment time is shorter

    3. The patient can choose the most convenient time for orthognathic surgery

    4.Free of braces before jaw surgery

    5. After the orthognathic surgery with Surgery First, The patient can enjoy the surgical results a few days after the intervention, when the inflammation disappears.

    Orthognathic Jaw Surgery Risks

    The ideal patient to have orthognathic surgery must be young and healthy because this type of surgeries involves big complications anesthetic and surgery and the patient has to agree with this risks in order to have jaw surgery, so which are the risks:

    1. General Anesthesia Any patient who is under general anesthesia no matter if its jaw surgery or other surgical procedure might have their life on risk 

    2. Paresthesia (Nerve Damage)

    3. Infections post surgery

    4. Necrosis


    Post Orthogntic Surgery Diet

    Eating after jaw surgery is one of the most commonly asked questions everyone heals at a different speed but here is a 4 stage Diet you can follow :

    1.Clear Water Diet (First 3 days)

    2.Liquid Diet (First days at home blended with nutritional supplements)

    3. Soft Diet (3 weeks after surgery)

    4. Normal Diet (6 weeks after surgery)

    Jaw Surgery Before and After - Orthognathic Surgery Results

    Age: 27th / Suffering: Class II dentofacial deformity with vertical excess of the maxilla.

    Preop orthognathic surgery case woman
    Postop orthognathic surgery case woman

    Jaw surgery Before and After Orthognathic Surgery Results

    Age: 27th / Suffering: Class III with asymmetry (retreatment).

    Preop orthognathic surgery case girl
    Postop orthognathic surgery case girl

    (Genioplasty) Facial countouring in Canun

    You usually don't imagine a dentist as the first thing that comes to your mind when talking about plastic surgery but.. after reading about other facial surgeries like Orthognathic or Double Jaw surgery now you understand all the process behind facial contouring. 

    Having an internationally renowned Maxillofacial surgeon working on a cosmetic surgery guarantees that all functionalities, muscles and nerves will be the #1 priority at every phase of your treatment.

    V-line Surgery

    Having a defined and slim face is a popular facial surgery:

    V line surgery started in oriental countries like japan and Korea but it has become really popular through all the world since having a slim face is an aesthetic quality not limited by a country or ethnicity.

    V-Line Surgery



    $11,000 USD

    Short Chin Surgery

    This type of mandibular advancement is for patients who have a normal occlusion (bite) but their lower chin is short.

    You don't need a chin implant since is almost the same surgery as a double jaw surgery without the orthodontic focus.

    Short Chin Surgery



    $11,000 USD